What technology does ShapeScale use?

ShapeScale is not just a device; it's an combination of advanced technologies, meticulously designed to bring your body's journey into the third dimension.

As you step onto ShapeScale, an advanced robotic arm awakens, sweeping around your form. Its eye, an RGB-depth camera, sees not just the surface, but the depth, the contours, the nuances of your body. Using IR coded light, it maps an astonishing 15 million points every second, translating the physical you into a detailed digital point cloud, accurate to a millimeter.

In synchrony, an RGB camera captures high-definition images, freezing moments in time. These moments are then uploaded to the ShapeCloud, a realm where technology and artistry intertwine. Here, your point cloud and photo texture are seamlessly woven together, stitch by stitch, to create an extraordinarily accurate, photorealistic 3D body model. Your digital double.

Access this reflection of you through the ShapeScale app. It's more than just viewing; it's about understanding, comparing, visualizing your body's changes with heatmaps. It's about receiving personalized insights and recommendations tailored for you. It's about seeing the unseen, comprehending the incomprehensible, and embracing your body's journey.

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