What is a monthly active user? How would a user be considered “active”?

At ShapeScale, we consider Monthly Active Users individual end-users who have completed at least one scan within the current billing month. Merely opening the app does not qualify as being an Active User. If a user has not completed a ShapeScan at your location in over a month, they will not be considered an Active User. Some of our ShapeScale Business Users have over 1,500 members, but they have yet to exceed the monthly limit of 100 active users.

Why the limit?

At ShapeScale, we believe in providing you with the best possible experience. Our cloud service cost for processing and storing scans increases as usage increases. However, we understand that ShapeScale's value increases with frequent use, which is why we do not track individual user frequency. Instead, we limit the number of active users in our monthly base price. If you exceed this limit once, we can make exceptions. However, frequent abuse will require upgrading to a larger plan.

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