How does ShapeScale for Business differ from ShapeScale for Home?

  • ShapeScale for Business can accommodate up to 100 monthly active users at the base tier of $199/month, as well as up to 5 staff/coach users.
  • ShapeScale for Home is limited to serving only up to 3 household members, with additional users requiring a $9.99/month fee per user or $99/year per user.
  • ShapeScale for Home is not licensed for commercial use and is therefore prohibited by our Terms of Service.
  • ShapeScale for Business offers additional features not available in ShapeScale for Home, such as member <> business/coach/staff data sharing, and guest user scanning that does not require an app, and more to come.
  • The ShapeScale for Business hardware is specially tuned for extended use in a business environment and is covered by an unlimited warranty throughout the service period.
  • ShapeScale Business customers receive priority support.

Product ShapeScale for Business ShapeScale for Home
Monthly Active Users Up to 100 with the base tier Up to 3 household members, additional users at $9.99 per month per user or $99 per year per user.
Staff/Coach Users Up to 5 -
License Licensed for commercial use Licensed for personal use only
Additional Features Member data sharing, PDF reports, guest user scanning that does not require an app, and more to come -
Hardware Fine-tuned for extended use in a business environment, additional marketing material supplied Regular ShapeScale
Warranty Unlimited throughout the service period 1-year limited warranty
Priority Support Yes -
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