Can ShapeScale be used for other applications outside fitness purposes?

Of course, our future plans go well beyond just fitness. We already see a number of different applications for ShapeScale and this number is continuously growing. Each day there is another idea popping into our heads or coming from other businesses interested in working with ShapeScale. 

At the moment, we definitely see great potential in the fashion, games and mixed reality industry.

In theory, ShapeScale can get any sort of measurements that incorporates point to point measurements in the body shape. Therefore, tailor-made clothing is one of the potential applications in the Fashion industry. Additionally, we have plans to make it possible for you to project clothes onto your 3D virtual avatar, which would open up a huge opportunity for ShapeScale in the areas of virtual fitting rooms and online shopping.

ShapeScale also has great potentials in gamification and VR. Your 3D body scans have literally endless opportunities ahead of them!

If you would like to use ShapeScale in a business context, we have plans to launch a business version at a later point. This commercial plan will allow you to support more than 2 users with different conditions than under personal subscription plans.

Whilst these features are extremely exciting for the future, we would like to highlight that they will not be available at the time of delivery.

If you have any other cool ideas about what ShapeScale and your Shape scans can be used for, please drop us an email!

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